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The Management Staff

John C. Breder, CSM/CLS/CRX

John C. Breder, CSM/CLS/CRX, holds both a Real Estate and Mortgage Brokers license and spearheaded the turnaround of Lauderhill Mall in 1980.

Subsequently, John has been involved with two other enclosed regional malls and numerous strip centers and other income producing properties throughout the Southeast. He has written several articles for industry trade journals, including the Carlson and Andrews reports and the Florida Real Estate Journal. Similarly, he has been profiled by CBS News and featured nationally on the Wall Street Journal Sunday Report television.

John has served as the ICSC Dade County Program Committee Chairman (1992-1996) and is a member of the Florida Government Affairs Committee (1992-2005). In May 1994, John was appointed as the ICSC Operations Chairman for the State of Florida, a position he held until May, 1997. Subsequently, in May, 1997, John was appointed ICSC Southern Division Operations Chairman overseeing 13 States, Puerto Rico and the U. S. Virgin Islands.

To measure the professional competence and sophistication of shopping center leasing professionals, the ICSC created the professional designation of the Certified Leasing Specialist (CLS), and at its inception in October 1994, John was among the first 165 individuals in the Country to receive the distinction. Similarly, he was among the first to receive the CRX designation (Certified Retail Property Executive) in 2013. Like Richard, he is frequently retained as an expert witness and consultant.

Additionally, John has instructed various subjects for the ICSC nationally and has been profiled by local civic organizations for his many contributions to the communities in which he is involved.


  • Senior Certified Shopping Center Manager, Senior Certified Leasing Specialist
  • Licensed Real Estate Broker
  • Licensed Mortgage Broker
  • Official Member ICSC
  • ICSC Southern Division Operations Chariman (1997-2000)
  • ICSC State Operations Chairman-Florida (1994-1997)
  • ICSC Program Committee Chairman-Dade County (1992-1996)
  • ICSC Government Affairs Committee-Florida (1992-Present)
  • ICSC South Florida Idea Exchange Chairman (1995)
  • ICSC Florida Conference Committee (1995-1999)
  • Faculty for Education, ICSC
  • Florida Shopping Center Political Action Committee (1992 - Present)
  • Chairman-Perrine-Cutler Ridge Council (2000-2001)



Robert Breder, CSM

Robert Breder, CSM, joined the firm in 1971 and by 1976 was credited with being the youngest person in Florida to obtain a Real Estate and Mortgage Brokers License and is still the youngest ever to have received his CSM designation.

He has supervised the turn around of three regional malls in South Florida and headed the development firms of Ross-Breder Developments and Schiff-Breder Developments engaging solely in the business of development. Robert, too, has taught numerous subjects relating to development at various institutions and has been featured in the Miami Review for his accomplishments in the Industry.

  • Certified Shopping Center Manager
  • Licensed Real Estate Broker
  • Licensed Mortgage Broker
  • Affiliate Member, ICSC
  • Active in Naples, Florida




Richard F. Breder, CSM

Our Founder

Richard Breder, CSM, a pioneer in the commercial property industry, entered the field in 1956 and incorporated in 1964. Previously he was a general contractor specializing in retail construction.

In 1958, Richard helped to establish the International Council of Shopping Centers, (ICSC), now with over 40,000 members, and was appointed the first State Director of Florida for the ICSC.

To heighten industry standards the ICSC created the professional designation of the Certified Shopping Center Manager (CSM). At its inception in 1964 Richard received the credit of being in the first twenty-five nationally and the first in Florida to earn this designation.

  • Certified Shopping Center Manager (The first in Florida)
  • First State Director of ICSC
  • Licensed Real Estate Broker
  • Charter Member, ICSC
  • Faculty for education in shopping centers at the University of Miami and ICSC nationally
  • Retired 1994
  • Deceased 2008




Stephen Breder, CSM

Stephen Breder, CSM contributed his many years of construction expertise to the Company and is licensed as a Real Estate Broker and General Contractor.

He managed Midway Mall in Miami prior to its sale and has handled numerous centers in Central and South Florida. Steve saw all new construction and on-going construction relative to expansion/renovation and tenant build-outs.

Steve retired from the Company in 1994, but still acts as the qualifying General Contractor to Breder Construction Corporation.

  • Certified Shopping Center Manager
  • Licensed Real Estate Broker
  • Licensed General Contractor
  • Affiliate Member, ICSC
  • Retired 1994




Looking for a Management Company?

All managers are Certified Shopping Center Managers (CSM), Licensed Real Estate Brokers and/or Certified Leasing Specialists (CLS), who supervise all aspects of each property. A CSM/CLS is assigned to the given project who is intimately familiar with and responsible for same without delegation to lower level personnel.

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